Our mission

To provide the highest quality funded and affordable Education and Training which is flexible, innovative, inspiring and highly responsive to the diverse and changing needs of the local and national workforce.

Our Vision

To be recognised as an outstanding training provider and inspire our workforce through continuous professional development to offer innovative educational approaches for all our users.

Core Values

FIT UK want to be different to other training providers, we felt that there was room within the crowded Training & Education market for a company that could provide personalised learning for excellent value, in a challenging, innovative way This provides the foundation for our core values that underpin the FIT UK brand

High Quality Service Provision

To exceed the expectations of our customers. From the handling of an initial enquiry, through the delivery and assessment of our training courses, through to certification and progression, the customer experience is of the highest importance.

Excellent value for money

Training should be reasonably priced, and it is our objective to better our competitor’s price for all our training provision but give excellent value with the quality of teaching.

Innovative Approaches to Training

To look at how we can best provide our services to the learner/employer with a personalised service that is flexible to the needs and lifestyle of our learners/employers and embraces the latest developments in technology to keep us and our learners ahead of the competition.

Outstanding Initial, ongoing and future advice and guidance

The quality of our initial advice and guidance is central to our delivery provision. We strive to give quality information, advice and guidance to ensure each individual has the best opportunity to fulfill their potential.

High Quality Support Network

Support is a key focus here at FIT UK giving responsive support to the learner and employer. Excellent advice and guidance so a learner can progress and how an employer can maximise using the learner’s development to develop their business